Asset Management, Structuring and Advisory

Investment strategies that lead to sustainable returns

Supported by local companies operating under the appropriate regulatory control, our business is structured as an asset management and investment banking firm, free of conflicts of interest, and supported by the adoption of best international practices in terms of management and governance procedures.



Our asset management division, in particular though the action of SG Hemera Capital Partners SGOIC S.A., is organized as an independent practice and focused on identifying investment strategies that lead to growth and sustainable returns in our core markets.

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Southern Africa, like many frontier markets, is in the process of evolving their institutional framework and development stage. Part of this process is the creation of mechanisms that bring additional market benefits, such as greater efficiency, specialization, and transparency.

The asset management industry is a key contributor to this transformation, bringing investment alternatives for individuals, companies and institutional investors, domestic and non-domestic. Therefore, the industry is a significant channel for the deployment of foreign investment into the underlying economies.

It also brings specialized and well-prepared investors to each asset class, improving the capacity to generate investment with stronger fundamentals, a better risk assessment and management, favouring returns to investors and also to other stakeholders, such as banks and other lenders.

Our approach

HCP designs specialized investment mechanisms, aimed at structuring, creating, and managing investment funds and several types of assets, including property, securities, and alternative assets.

In addition, we provide discretionary portfolio management, which allows investors to delegate asset management within previously established criteria using a dedicated mandate.

We aim to meet the needs of the market by offering investors several types of assets based on risk mitigation criteria, which allows a sustainable return on investment.

Cape Town, South Africa

Past experience

A number of our team members have worked together for several years. Since 2012, we have gained further knowledge of the market environment through our relations with regulators, experts, lawyers, financial intermediaries, and other stakeholders.

As founding members of the first asset management company incorporated under the Angolan asset management regulatory regime, the team had the opportunity to structure and launch the first open-ended mutual fund, the first close-ended mutual fund, and the first real estate fund for the Angolan market. Our team is recognized as one of the pioneers in the area of asset management in Angola.

Individually our team members have been exposed to different markets and geographies, participating in the management of funds and in the closing of investment banking transactions in three continents.

Relevant expertise

Our team has experience in the management of funds in several asset classes, including mutual funds, real estate funds, private equity and infrastructure. We have also had the opportunity to work in markets in different developmental stages.

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and Advisory

In investment banking, we provide our customers with the core services of structuring and advisory, spreading from corporate finance, arrangement and placement of equity and debt structures, and capital markets.

Cape Town, South Africa

Our approach

We understand that the cornerstone of structuring and advisory relies on the capacity to generate transactions that deliver unique strategic opportunities for our clients, with appropriate terms and conditions and a well-developed risk profile, which are in line with the best practices in the industry.

Risk management is a significant function of any investment banking practice, but it is even more challenging in emerging and frontier markets. These markets are typically characterized by many cases of institutional voids, and the risk management function requires a profound understanding of local dynamics and direct access to market information.

Our team includes professionals with an international track record and understanding of the core markets, with proven experience and deep involvement with communities and stakeholders. Our team has proven expertise in deal origination and structuring and has a particular ability to access business opportunity potential and then transforming them into investment banking transactions that are suitable for domestic and non-domestic investors.

Past experience

Our team combines a strong understanding of the core markets with a track record in investment banking. With completed transactions in several countries, such as Spain, Poland, France, Portugal, and Angola, we have an understanding of corporate finance, M&A, project and structured finance, that enables us to be a partner of excellence in the core markets.

Our skills span from structuring to placement, based on a network developed along the years with several international counterparties.