A team of experienced and engaged business-oriented professionals

Our team has several years of experience in a diverse range of industries across the globe. Their entire focus is on supporting our clients in achieving their investment goals in markets where we have expert local knowledge. This allows us to give our clients a better understanding of these markets, find appropriate growth opportunities and by doing so, mitigate key specific risks that could hinder their investment strategy and consequently their investment returns.

Sidney Magalhães

Managing Director

Sidney has several years of experience in Management / Strategy consultancy, Asset Management and Investment Banking and in Sustainability / ESG consultancy.

Mário Amaral

Managing Director

Mário has several years of experience in investment banking and asset management industries.

Valdir Costa

Managing Director

Valdir has extensive experience in both financial institutions and the asset management industry.

Antonella Costa

Advisor to the Management

Antonella holds a Master in Business Administration with a Major in Finance and a Degree Business Administration.

Augusto Silva

Advisor to the Management

Augusto is currently Advisor to the Management of Hemera Capital Partners and has several years of experience in investment banking and financial Industry.

Ridaura de Oliveira

Compliance Officer

Ridaura is a lawyer registered at the Angolan Bar Association since 2014 and has years of experience in several Legal areas.

Rúben Palminha

Head of Structuring & Advisory, Director

Rúben has more than 15 years of experience in financial advisory, including M&A and Valuations, PPP’s/PFI and Project Finance. His international footprint includes projects completed in Europe, Africa and Latam.

Leandra Camanda

Structuring & Advisory, Director, Associate

Leandra has several years of experience in investment banking and the pension fund management industry.

Manuel Sebastião

Business development & Investor relations, Associate director

Manuel has several years of experience in the financial sector, specifically in Investment Banking.

Joana Pinheiro

Asset Management, Associate Director

Joana has several years of experience as a Real Estate Consultant, in both the Angolan and the United States markets.

Sónia Bastos

Asset Management, Associate Director

Sónia has extensive professional experience in the construction and real estate sectors.

Virginia De Figueiredo

Fund Operations, Associate Director

Virginia has over 9 years Accounting experience in the Insurance and Banking sector.

Márcio Silva

Asset Management, Associate

Márcio has over 5 years’ experience between Asset Management and Financial Auditing roles.

Arlindo Candeias

Asset Management, Associate

Arlindo was an investment banking analyst and in the recent years worked as a broker, having acquired experience in Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Asset Management.

Hélio Serafim

Asset Management, Associate

Hélio has experience across functions within Finance.

Paulo Reis

Asset Management, Associate

He began his career in Architecture and Design, working for an Architectural Studio in Lisbon.

Sani Rodrigues

Asset Management, Associate

Sani Rodrigues began her professional career as an Administrative Assistant working alongside the executive team in a Multinational company.

Mikulo Júnior

IT, Associate

Before joining the Hemera Capital Partners team, Mikulo held prominent roles in various areas of information technology and consulting.

Felisberto José

Fund operations, Analyst

Felisberto has experience in Accounting.

Rita Van-zyl

Asset Management, Analyst

Rita has several years of experience in Administrative and Financial services

Nazaré Adriano

Support, Associate

Nazaré has more than 14 years of professional experience, 10 of which in the banking sector where she was responsible for the management of top Executives.

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