We provide asset management & financial advisory services with a focus on Southern Africa

With three regulated investment vehicles under management, we combine a deep understanding of asset management and investment banking with hands-on knowledge of the core markets.


Key Strategic Insight

Southern Africa,
a land of emerging potential

Nowadays emerging and frontier markets arise as key drivers of global business strategy, and Southern Africa, in particular, has been strengthening its base for sustainable growth. However, turning potential into sustainable business opportunities requires a very specific set of skills.

Our perspective on Southern Africa

Our Competencies

Asset management, structuring and advisory

We are an asset management and investment banking practice, free of conflicts of interest, and supported by the adoption of the best international practices in terms of management and governance procedures.

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Key Strategic Insight

The importance of combining a local presence with a global network

HCP is headquartered in Geneva from where we manage a global network with different stakeholders. We combine our presence with local operations that work within the applicable regulatory framework and close to each specific business environment.

About HCP The Team
Geneva, Switzerland


H-Impact, The HCP initiative
to drive sustainability

Our commitment to achieve long term sustainability in the creation of value and rethink the dynamic of business, under the principles of shared value, led us to create H-Impact, our initiative to drive impact and sustainability.

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Turning potential into sustainable business opportunities in emerging and frontier markets requires the highly specific skillset that we have been able to gather at HCP. Our perspective on Southern Africa